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632 S. Second St.


Back of the house. Mountain views all around.

Virtually flawless condition.

The rugged backyard doesn't need to be mowed. Lots of natural flagstone on the property.

Large curved patio adjoining the house and garage.

The front entrance way.

The attached garage and workshop.

The front entrance.

In the distance is the horse barn and  corral.
The front of the horse shed is open; the back is enclosed;  built-in feeders.

The view from the dining area.

Views through the screen from the upstairs bedroom.

Another view from the upstairs bedroom.

View from the living area.

View from the den.

View of Raton from over the the horse barn.

Aerial view of the house from over the horse barn looking toward Yankee Canyon.

View South from over the horse  barn.


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