Quest Realty, LLC

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Cindy McGinnis - Associate Broker

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632 S. Second St.


Offstreet parking for several cars in front and several cars in back.

Terraced backyard is private on the lower level and lots of room for flowers and shrubs. The garage has lots of room for storage and a good-sized workshop.

The front entrance through a wall. The front entrance door is custom-made.

The front steps from the parking area.

The back of the house from the rear parking area. The room on the left has just been re-roofed.

This wall encloses the patio.

Inside the patio.

The gate from the patio leading to the backyard.

The French doors from the living room to the patio.

The private lower-level. Extensive use of native rock, tile and  cement.

The small north yard. Behind the mailbox is the door into the studio.

The private lower patio from the upper stone walkway. The studio behind has just been re-roofed.

This wall and wooden gate shields the view of the alley.

Another stone walk from the front of the house to the garage and back of the house.

The north boundary is lined with stone and lilac bushes.

Detail of the tile roof.

The tile roof in back.

Several areas of shrubs and flowers.

The front door was custom-made with ceramic tile insets.

Ornamental iron grill over the window.

The dining room windows.


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