Condition: The outside is fairly okay with some notable exceptions. It needs new roofing and there is a leak in one room. A previous tenant took out the stairs between the upper and lower set of rooms in order to make a duplex. That is a viable plan or new stairs can be installed to make a larger house.

Inside: In general it looks pretty bad; however I think renovating it would be fairly easy. It needs new floors throughout because there are many soft spots. Some have been redone and feel pretty solid. The wall structure, where you can see it, looks pretty good with a lot of new studs. The sheet rock in most rooms needs to be removed and replaced since now it is covered with basically scraps. Of course all the floor coverings and the ceilings need to be replaced. A few of the bathroom fixtures are okay but I would discard everything in the kitchen and put in new cabinetry. A lot of the windows can be cleaned up but I would replace all of them. The layout of the rooms is probably okay.

I feel that the condition looks much worse than it really is due to a previous tenant using mostly scraps for wall coverings, floor coverings and etc.. At this point, I can't see the wiring or plumbing but since most of the wall coverings would be removed I would find it pretty easy to rewire and re-plumb. In places where the outside wall wall coverings isn't complete, there is insulation showing but I don't know the extent of the insulation.

I have about 50 years of remodeling experience and I would consider this a pretty easy project, barring any unforeseen problems. With my crew of 2 good workers I could make a very sloppy projection of what we could do as far as timing. I would guess 2 weeks to remove the flooring and install new flooring. I would guess another 2 weeks to remove the old sheet rock and replace it with new. Another 2 weeks to remove the old ceilings and replace it with sheet rock. None of that includes finish work. So in roughly 2 months I would have the inside basically looking new. If it needs plumbing, I would allow another week; wiring possibly 2 weeks. New cabinets and sinks would take another week. New doors throughout, another week. And a week to replace all the windows. A new roof would take a week and I would allow yet another week to clean up the exterior. Obviously, my measuring in weeks is a pretty sloppy estimate. We are actually pretty slow with almost everything we do. Some items above would take a little longer and some would take less time but I think everything considered it would be pretty close as to timing. Round it off to about 4 months. As far as materials: Pro-panel on the roof, lots of sheet rock on the walls and ceilings, lots of OSB on the floors, new windows and doors, wiring, outlets, switches, boxes, breaker box, pex for plumbing and fixtures, and cabinetry.

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